Douze พอยน์เตอร์สำหรับการแพร่กระจาย Eurovision ของคุณ

We can’t end our ultimate Eurovision guide without a nod to the winners of last year’s contest.

Before the war, Mariana Maglych presented a cookery show in Ukraine, and watched her country take the crown in 2022 surrounded by food and friends.

“When Ukraine was announced as the winner, we all screamed – it was such an important moment. We needed a bit of light, a bouncy song, some hope.”

To celebrate Ukraine in our party spread, Maglych suggests whipping up deruny (“potato pancakes served with sour cream or creamy mushroom sauce),” and varenyky dumplings “with all kinds of fillings imaginable, from salted cheese or sauerkraut to poppy seeds, cherries and blueberries. And always served with smetana (sour cream).”

You can grab some Ukranian classics from East European delis too, says Maglych. “Look out for Lviv syrnyk (Ukrainian cheesecake), Kyiv tort cake or poppy seed roll cakes called makivnyk.” While you’re there, you could stock up on some drinks such as “kvas – a fermented cereal-based low-alcohol beverage – and nalyvka, an alcoholic drink with different flavours.”

So off you go – fly on the wings of Eurovision love because oh, Lordi – doesn’t this party sound great?

Originally published May 2023


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