Jeff Molina: นักสู้ UFC ชาวอเมริกันออกมาเป็นกะเทยหลังจากวิดีโอส่วนตัวรั่วไหล

Jeff Molina
Jeff Molina has an 11-2 pro MMA record and is 3-0 in the UFC

UFC fighter Jeff Molina has come out as bisexual.

The 25-year-old American flyweight said it was “not the way I wanted to do this” after a private video of him was leaked on Thursday.

Molina, who made his UFC debut in 2021, is the first active male UFC fighter to publicly state they are not heterosexual.

“The chance to do it when I was ready was taken from me,” Molina said on social media.

“I’ve tried to keep my dating life private from social media.

“I’ve dated girls my whole life and suppressed feelings I had throughout high school on the wrestling team, throughout college pursuing MMA, and even after making part of the dream happen and getting into the UFC.

“The thought of my buddies, team-mates and [people] I look up to looking at me different – let alone treating me different – for something I can’t control was something I couldn’t fathom.”

Molina, who has won all three of his UFC fights, wore a special UFC kit supporting Pride during his win over Zhalgas Zhumagulov in 2022 but received abuse on social media.

He is currently suspended because of his alleged role in a betting scheme.

“I wanted to be known for my skills and what I’ve dedicated the last 11 years of my life to and not the ‘bi UFC fighter’ that I’m sure would be translated to ‘gay UFC fighter’,” Molina added.

“At the end of the day I know my character, morals, and who I am as a person. As much as I’m getting hated on I’m getting an equal amount of support.”


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